The 4th Generation Echo Dot is Down to $30

Echo Dot | $30 | Amazon

Well, just like the title says, the 4th generation Echo Dot is down to $30. These things normally go for $50, but you can get them cheap for a sweet $20 off right now. If you don’t have one or a similar smart speaker yet, know that they are very handy. It’s worth the price alone just to be able to ask Alexa to play Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank every minute of every day. What are you waiting for? All you need to say is “Alexa, play Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank,” and she’ll do it. You could even get multiple Echo Dots and put one in every room of your house. Then when you say, “Alexa, play Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank everywhere on repeat,” it’ll be playing in all the rooms of your house until the end of time.

This post was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 08/16/2021 and updated with new information on 01/03/2022.

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